Best Time to Post on Instagram 2019 Tests Results

Instagram is now one of the largest and fastest-growing social media platforms across the world. Many people, companies, and businesses are using the platform to gain as much traffic as possible. And the best part about all this is that it is working. If only you take your time to use Instagram in the right manner when you are posting music, videos, or any other type of content to market yourself or any other purpose, the returns are high.


However, posting on Instagram is not as easy as it may sound, especially when you want your posts to get as many views as possible. There are many things you have to look at when posting, and one of them is time.

The time you post on Instagram will affect how many people can view the posts, and that will equally affect your marketing results. Let us look at everything you need to know about timing Instagram posts.

Factors to Consider when Looking for the best time for posting on Instagram

If you really want to know the best time for you to post on Instagram, then you have to consider the following factors to come up with the best results.

#1 Breaks within workday

In this case, you have to know who you are targeting. This is because many people have time to look at their Instagram accounts during breaks within working days. Such breaks can be during lunchtime or other breaks in the day. Knowing such time will give you a clear idea of when to post.

#2 The right day of the week

The time that people check their Instagram accounts during different days of the week can be varying. What this means is that you have to make sure that you look at how people check their phones during different days of the week. By doing that, you will understand what to do on each day.

#3 Time zones

Whenever you are looking at the whole issue of time, you have to think about other time zones. It is not all about where you are since different places and users have different times. As a result, based on your target locations, they will have differences in the time they look at the posts. Consider the time zone to come up with the right time from where you are to capture the target location.


#4 The behavior of your audience

Different audiences behave differently. As a result, you have to make sure that you study their behaviors to enable you to make the right decision when posting. You have to know how often they check their Instagram when they do it or how they do it.

#5 The sector you are posting about

The main reason for looking at the time to post on Instagram is to make sure that you get as much reception as possible hence engaging the users. As a result, the sector you are posting about can be a major factor. 

Here is an excellent example of different suitable posting times for various sectors.

  • Saturday 11 AM and 1 PM is the best time for B2C Companies.
  • Wednesday 10 AM best for Technology companies
  • Tuesday 1 PM best time for Healthcare companies
  • Monday at 8 PM is the best time for Educational organizations.
  • Tuesday 3 PM and 9 PM, Thursday 2 PM and 3 PM, Wednesday 3 PM and 4 PM, and Friday 10 AM and 2 PM.

All the above data is according to HubSpot’s data.


The main goal for finding the best time to post on Instagram is to make sure that when you are posting, you find people at the right time. When people wake up during weekdays, that is when they check their Instagram. Many also check theirs after work.

Here are more details of data from research done by HubSpot in the same area but without sectors. 

  • Sunday: 10AM to 2PM CDT
  • Monday: 11AM to 5Pm CDT
  • Tuesday: 9AM to 6PM CDT
  • Wednesday: 3PM, 11AM, 5AM CDT
  • Thursday: 3PM to 4PM CDT, 11AM, 5AM
  • Friday: 9AM to 4PM CDT, 5AM
  • Saturday 11AM.


Posting time for Instagram can be a difficult thing to know. This is because there are different time zones, and people are scattered all over. Nevertheless, understanding your target audience and their behavior is key to finding the best time. The times discussed above are according to research but may change. Make sure you understand your audience and your intention before posting.