The clear truth is as much as we find a lot of fun in using Instagram, posting so much about ourselves, and having many followers, we don’t like people knowing so much about us. In many cases, people want to remain as anonymous as possible on Instagram. Other people knowing so much about you may not be so exciting.

Here are some steps you can follow to hide your likes.

·        Like that post later

This is a trick that can be very easy to execute. Whenever a post is uploaded, there are many people active liking it. You do not want to be seen online at that time. You have to remain inactive and hide your activity until a later time. By doing that, it will be easy to stay unnoticed. You can bookmark the post and like later.

·        Liking several posts

When you like one post, it is easy for your followers to notice your activity. However, when you like several posts, it becomes easy for you to hide the activity on the first post. So, if you want to hide your activity in liking a specific post, consider liking many more after that one.

·        Block your users

It is a more drastic method, but it can work. It works when you do not need certain users to see your activities. To avoid being noticed, you block them. Then you can go ahead and like your posts and unblock them once you are done.

Ensure that you identify the type of users that you do not want seeing your activities. Then block them before liking the posts.

·        Make use of night hours

Well, this is where you have to do your things when everyone else is asleep. Many users will be active during the evenings. However, if you want to remain unnoticed, you can do your activities when they are asleep. The advantage of this is that very few people will be online to see your activities. At the same time, in the morning, your followers will not be able to see the posts you liked.