We have been here all long for a decade, and we have experienced so much. The Instagram you had in 2010 is not the same as you have now. So much has changed over time, and Instagram is getting better and better.

The effect Instagram has had on everything over the last few years is significant. Whether it is on technology, politics, or culture, there is so much to see. Currently, the world of commerce has also changed, and it is all because of Instagram.

Before we continue with the next decade, we have to take a look at what we have had on Instagram this year. It is the Instagram review of 2019.

Here are some of the interesting facts about Instagram 2019 you should know about:

-         National geographic was the most followed brand with a whole 126M followers on Instagram.

-         Soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo had the most followed personal account on Instagram.

-         Ariana Grande also became the most-followed female after overtaking Selena Gomez.

-         And the peak of it all is the humble egg becoming the most followed post on Instagram channel ever.

Significant Moments on Instagram 2019

1.     A World Record Egg took a top spot

At the start of 2019, in January, Instagram users were taken by storm by something unique. It was just a normal hen's egg. However, this was not like your normal egg. The egg received a whole 28.3 million likes within ten days only. It is a record that surpassed Kylie Jenner's post on the baby announcement.

The egg gained international news coverage. The most interesting part, the account identity remained anonymous all through the month. With time, this was an unusual eff since it started to crack towards the end of the month.

Later on, in February, the reveal came, and the post was from an organization supporting mental health, and the egg was for promotion.

What followed was a video of the egg cracking, and it gained up to 38 million views.

2.     #10YearChallenge went viral

As we start a new decade, a significant trend in 2019 was #10yearchallenge. It is like everyone jumped for this particular challenge. Celebrities, influencers, leaders, and everyone was trying to be part of the challenge to reflect on the past ten years.

The hashtag went viral due to how many hilarious posts from 10 years ago looked.

3.     In-App Shopping feature for Instagram

The e-commerce world is another area that experienced a lot from Instagram. The introduction of an in-app shopping feature on Instagram came as a pro for many people on Instagram. The feature allows people to buy products on Instagram without leaving the app.

The advantage is both for users and brands. It is doing very well and will continue.

4.     The new “creator” account

It is another move on Instagram in 2019 that came as a surprise to many people on Instagram. Instagram unveiled a new profile that was meant to help creators better manage their accounts. The creator account feature is more flexible, and creators are able to control their content better through simplified messaging, profile controls, and other tools.

5.     Beyonce Dance Challenge went viral

It is not much of a surprise for Beyonce’s posts to go viral, but this one was special. The dance craze went viral. It was a challenge that she released on her account with more than 135 million followers. It was a challenge announced in her first Instagram story.

Many Instagram users, especially her followers, joined in the challenge, which was titled #BeforeLetGoChallenge.

6.     New story stickers on Instagram

2019 is one of the years that Instagram has been trying as much as possible to make the platform better for its users. The year has been huge, as they have released new stickers for stories on the platform. Such stickers included questions, quizzes, and chat stickers.