Recently, Instagram added an important update to their Story feature. Every story we upload, whether it's a picture or a video, can now be linked to a website URL. This means that your followers will be redirected from instagram to your website - all the user needs to do is swipe up.

Before this update, the only option to redirect Instagram followers to a website was through a link in the user's biography, making this a major breakthrough.

Adding a link to a story is a beta feature that only works for verified accounts.

Wait… Only verified accounts you said? There's a solution!

InstaPalace found a method that opens the possibility for any Instagram account..

In fact, the minimum number of followers that must be following the account in order to be verified is 10,000.

By purchasing followers through InstaPalace, your account can become verified!

For example, if you have an Instagram account with 1000 followers,

you will need to purchase 9000 additional followers to become verified so you can add a link to your story.

This means that by investing up to $100 (depending on your current amount of followers), the option can be activated.

This is a negligible investment compared to the profitable potential that the option provides:

  • Business accounts - simply link to their site, new products, updates, and so on
  • Bloggers - easily update followers on new content
  • Instagram influencers - advertise paid campaigns with a link to the campaign page
  • And dozens of more options to take advantage of the option of adding a link to your instagram story.
Enter your instagram username, we'll check how many followers your account need enable the feature:
Current followers amount:
Missing followers amount:

Your followers comes with the Instapalace guarantee. This means that your purchased likes and followers will never drop, and amazing, in-house customer service. We will never ask for your Instagram account password.

Still not convinced? Here are a few great examples of using Instagram story link feature we found:

Instagram Story Link

Example #1 - Blog update about new content

In the example, you can see how a blog updates is followers about new content by adding a link to a story, His followers can easily access the new content and be exposed to it from the Instagram app.
Instagram Story Link

Example #2 - Instagram star zach king intrigues his followers and generates money

A creative way to use story link feature is to intrigue your audience with something they want to see. Instagram star Zach King has uploaded this story to announce the winners of his latest contest, but his followers had to slide up to see the list of winners on his website, meaning he is generating traffic from Instagram to his website, which is blown up with advertisements and campaigns.
Instagram Story Link

Example #3 - Shopify store updates his followers on discount

A classic example of using story link feature, a shopify store promotes its product through story, notes that there is a discount, and instructs followers to slide up, this tactic is perfectly acceptable when used in moderation, not every storyie should be used to promote a product.